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We deliver innovative solutions to people who are looking for an energizing way to focus on their strengths. We work with individuals and organizations to deliver our principles, practices, tools and real-life illustrations of conscious communication, courageous leadership and adaptive, emotionally intelligent team behavior. We want to create happier companies, and help people live healthier, more productive lives.
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At Ascendi, we know that learning is not a one-step process. While identifying challenges, skills, knowledge and values is a crucial step, our solution-focused style goes beyond problem identification and surpasses the approach of other training firms. When working with an individual or organizational partner, we conduct a thorough needs-analysis, tailor a solution that is the best fit, deliver an innovative, highly-customized workshop or coaching program, and conduct ongoing follow-up with participants to ensure content retention. Our consultants and coaches use the following methods:


We first work closely with you to identify your strengths, the challenges you’re facing, and determine the outcomes you expect. We want to learn more about you, your company, your people, your values, and what your vision of success looks like; so we will all know it when we see it.  This discovery process is a critical and often overlooked phase in the training and development process, and we never use a cookie-cutter approach when we collaborate with our clients.


Once we have identified skill gaps and expected outcomes, our team of experts will customize a tailored solution designed to help you achieve your specific objectives. Each workshop and coaching engagement is uniquely crafted to directly address your learning and development goals. We connect the information to your needs and that of your business, and we include the most relevant content along with fun exercises and frequent opportunities for enlightened discussion.


Following our thorough design process, our world-class trainers and coaches will deliver a strengths-based program sure to engage and excite individuals at every level. Our experienced team draws upon their vast knowledge-base to teach key concepts and practical skills that can be applied as soon as you or your employees return to work. All of our service offerings are available in multiple delivery options: keynotes, lunch and learns, half-day and full-day workshops as well as coaching programs up to six months in duration.


Follow-up after training is an important aspect of the learning and development process. Our contact with you and your employees after an on-site workshop or at the conclusion of a coaching program will help quantify the return on your training investment. It will also help to determine whether new knowledge and skills have become part of the learner’s practice and whether or not other performance gaps exist. Ascendi’s development phase includes unlimited support and correspondence – virtually unheard-of in the training and development industry. We are available to observe, coach, solve problems, and gather data about learner progress.