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We work in the realm of possibility and potential, not labels and limitations. Rather than merely help people accept and adapt to their surroundings, Ascendi validates and activates their innate desire for peace, power and positive change. In a world of one-size-fits-all solutions, we create a forum for engaged discussion that provides clients with a solid launch pad for individual and organizational growth.

Our Community: Beyond Training


In 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Ascendi launched a non-profit charitable initiative called Helping Those Helping Others (HTHO). HTHO’s specific mission is to provide free education, information, support and referrals to those whose purpose it is to improve the lives of others. At HTHO, we focus our efforts toward institutions, agencies and individuals that can most greatly benefit from our services; with a special interest in providing expertise to organizations that serve children and families.

HTHO delivers the same valuable training workshops and consulting services utilized in the corporate sector to help people in less-advantageous situations reduce their stress, communicate more effectively, lead more courageously and manage their time more efficiently. We elevate service to others above self-interest and HTHO does not accept any financial return for its efforts. You can learn more about Helping Those Helping Others by visiting

Ascendi is also proud to provide pro bono and professional services to the following local and regional organizations: