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We deliver innovative solutions to people who are looking for an energizing way to focus on their strengths. We work with individuals and organizations to deliver our principles, practices, tools and real-life illustrations of conscious communication, courageous leadership and adaptive, emotionally intelligent team behavior. We want to create happier companies, and help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Our Services

Our Services

Ascendi workshops and coaching programs provide the catalyst for dramatic change – the active ingredient that sparks the fusion of our knowledge and your natural strengths to create a happier, healthier you.

Team Development Workshops

What kind of change can you achieve in a day? Prepare to be surprised. Our creative and affordable approach includes pre-training interviews, engaging full and half-day seminars, customized content, on-site delivery, and the most comprehensive follow-up in the industry.

Why Bring an Ascendi Consultant On-Site?

In a very real way, removing people from the familiar surroundings of the work setting removes them from their routine patterns of thought and action. In addition, a workshop delivered at your location:

  • Eliminates travel-related downtime
  • Promotes a high level of interaction between participants and the consultant
  • Minimizes assimilation time and artificial behavior
  • Makes it easier to train larger groups and customize programs

Individual Coaching Programs

Coaching is an individualized and highly customized service. Because the coaching and learning that occur are uniquely tailored to the individual, the process can differ for each person. At Ascendi, the coach and client work together to design a unique coaching process that will create the desired positive outcome. This process involves talking, listening, feedback, discussions, perspective, validation, teaching, communication, solutions, planning, structure, exercises, strategies and resources.

Coaching on Ascendi’s Five Pillars®

Coaching is the ultimate medium for integrating Ascendi’s Five Pillars® of Personal and Professional Development into your daily life and making those effective behaviors a part of your character.

Life Coaching

A personal life coach can help light your path to fulfillment. Design your best life now, start strengthening your business and personal relationships immediately & begin performing at your optimum level within weeks. Because you deserve a meaningful life.

Executive Coaching

Customize your own coaching program to fit your executive needs. Ascendi offers leadership coaching and consulting that get results quickly. We match the best executive coach with each client, base our work on a cutting-edge model, and offer a clear and consistent approach to track results.

With one-on-one Coaching you will:

  • Thoroughly assess how you view your personal strengths and behaviors.
  • Focus on applying positive rituals within your personal paradigm.
  • Set goals for practicing the skills that make you most effective.
  • Leverage your strengths to best achieve your goals.

Ascendi's coaching services are typically provided via telephone and email. In-person sessions are available as well. Individual results will depend on your commitment, perspective, and circumstances, but most clients report improved performance within four to six weeks.

Keynote Speeches

Think for a moment. Who's your "draw" for the next annual meeting, sales conference, or off-site retreat? Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, why not tap the talent of our keynote speakers to make your next big event unforgettable? Whether you need a full-day presentation, a captivating keynote speech, or an informal, half-day retreat with your team, you'll find a variety of compelling keynote speakers to match your requirements.

Our mission is to help employees from top to bottom in your organization voluntarily and passionately focus and execute on top business priorities and pull together at the highest levels of effectiveness and teamwork. An Ascendi keynote speaker motivates and inspires. Plus, we have a great track record with thousands of organizations and individuals. Ascendi has several different topics based upon our service offerings - Authentic Communication, Building on Strengths, Constructive Teamwork, Peaceful Productivity and Stress Mastery. Trust Ascendi to deliver a rousing keynote address and get your audience inspired to rise above and grow beyond their challenges.

Business Retreats

An off-site retreat allows people to step back from the business and engage in a single or multi-day event filled with engaging presentations, enlightened discussion, break-out groups, role-plays and a focus on results. Whether your retreat is a half day, one day, or a multi-day experience, each event is tailored around the key issues and group dynamics of your team. You may choose to structure a retreat around any of our Five Pillars®, or have us design content and delivery options that fit with your current hot-button issues. Retreats greatly benefit many of today's leaders and organizations, and Ascendi's experts are experienced at designing well-organized, transformational corporate learning events for your work group.

Coaching: Individual Readiness for Change

Is it time to get a coach? Here’s a tip…you are ready for coaching if you want something that is bigger and more important than anything you’ve tackled so far.  It can be something external, like a new professional role or career direction; or internal, such as achieving greater self-actualization or embracing a new leadership style. In either case, coaching is right for you if you’re ready and willing to take action in the direction of greater growth and opportunity.  Your coach can provide you the insights, perspectives, and accountability to get you there more quickly, and with more integrity, than if you tackled it on your own.