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We work in the realm of possibility and potential, not labels and limitations. Rather than merely help people accept and adapt to their surroundings, Ascendi validates and activates their innate desire for peace, power and positive change. In a world of one-size-fits-all solutions, we create a forum for engaged discussion that provides clients with a solid launch pad for individual and organizational growth.

Our Team The Faces of Ascendi

The Faces Of Ascendi

We are a diverse team of boldly creative, actively compassionate, contagiously positive and results-oriented practitioners of conscious business. We are committed to collaboration and innovation in all that we do. Our goal is to help you bring out the best in yourself and your people.

David Vittoria

Who He Is:

  • A leader with backbone and heart
  • Intrigued with the unique qualities of each person
  • Excited about spotting patterns and creating alternative ways to proceed
  • Inspired by the future and what could be
  • Makes things happen by turning thoughts into action

What He Does: Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer
How to Reach Him:

Isabel Alfonsin

Who She Is:

  • Satisfied when truly balanced and sharply focused
  • Driven when exploring how resources can be arranged for maximum productivity
  • At ease putting thoughts into words
  • In flow when taking control of a situation and making a decision
  • Keenly aware of the need to treat all people the same

What She Does: Strategy & Business Development
How to Reach Her:

Eddie Marmol

Who He Is:

  • Inspired by the search for reasons and causes
  • Strong in the belief that a defined purpose emerges from true values
  • Ruthlessly committed to impeccability
  • Driven by choosing a direction, following through and making the corrections necessary to stay on track
  • Fascinated by new ideas

What He Does: Facilitator & Coach
How to Reach Him:

Vernon Martin

Who He Is:

  • Believes only action leads to performance
  • Motivated by patterns and connections
  • Enjoys managing all of the variables and aligning them for a good fit
  • Sees consistency as the foundation for all relationships
  • Calm amid any storm

What He Does: Facilitator & Coach
How to Reach Him:

Marilyn O’Hearne

Who She Is:

  • Eager to discover new information with a desire to continuously improve
  • Moved by authenticity
  • Empowered by faith in what’s right
  • Energized by exploring ways to motivate people
  • Instinctively maintains progress in the midst of potential distractions

What She Does: Facilitator & Coach
How to Reach Her: