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We deliver innovative solutions to people who are looking for an energizing way to focus on their strengths. We work with individuals and organizations to deliver our principles, practices, tools and real-life illustrations of conscious communication, courageous leadership and adaptive, emotionally intelligent team behavior. We want to create happier companies, and help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Stress Mastery

Stress Mastery

Target Audience: Employees at all levels.
Delivery Options: On-Site Workshop, Individual Coaching Program, Keynote Address.

No previous generation of people in history has experienced the variety and intensity of pressures, conflicts, and demands ours has. We seem to be living in an age of anxiety, and if you are among the thousands of people struggling to maintain physical and mental health in the face of stress, you know something has to change. In seeking Stress Mastery using our approach, you will not learn how to reduce the sources of stress in your life – you will instead discover that stress is the most powerful stimulus to ignite your personal growth.

Individual Benefits

  • Deepen your capacity to expend and recover energy.
  • Achieve greater balance between your personal and your professional life.
  • Discover new levels of physical, mental, and emotional flexibility.
  • Learn new mental preparation skills that enable you to perform under pressure.

Organizational Benefits

  • Increased morale and motivation
  • Increased collaboration and communication
  • Increased productivity and responsibility
  • Increased retention

Get motivated by your stress instead of fatigued and anxious from it. Connect with Ascendi now to boost your physical, mental and emotional resiliency and dramatically increase your ability to meet your many personal and professional challenges.