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We work in the realm of possibility and potential, not labels and limitations. Rather than merely help people accept and adapt to their surroundings, Ascendi validates and activates their innate desire for peace, power and positive change. In a world of one-size-fits-all solutions, we create a forum for engaged discussion that provides clients with a solid launch pad for individual and organizational growth.

Our Culture: The Spirit of Ascendi

The Spirit Of Ascendi

Our company culture is created every day by self-motivated, caring and committed professionals who truly live what they teach. We don’t broadcast our values; they are expressed in the way we work — with each other and with our clients.

We have created a multicultural, multi-disciplined and responsive work environment. Open, informal, flexible communication is the tone of business at Ascendi. We work together to deliver the high quality, individually tailored learning solutions our partners expect. These solutions can only come from radical leadership that inspires and challenges everyone here to bring fresh ideas and different perspectives.

Our clients around the world know they can count on us, not only to be creative and versatile, but also to work continually to develop a deeper understanding of the critical issues that impact performance in their workplace.

About Our Logo: The Vertical Path

The Ascendi word mark is all about simplicity – clearing away the clutter.  The letterforms have been uniquely customized to work in harmony, representing a sense of impeccable authenticity. The use of uppercase letterforms signifies strength and confidence, with elegant and sophisticated shapes that are friendly and approachable. The ‘S’ rises slightly above the other characters and extends below the baseline in gentle curves. Its form signifies a life journey and a vertical path of positive progress and dynamic change - not only rising above, but growing beyond.